The Cuban spirit

Cuban – uniquely different

Modern dance, ballet, traditional Cuban dance, street dance: In BALLET REVOLUCIÓN, the different dance styles unite to form a unique and explosive mix. Professional dancers all over the world could put these elements together, but it would not produce BALLET REVOLUCIÓN anywhere else. Only Cuba has the magic ingredient that binds it all together: the Cuban spirit and joy of movement.

Roclan González Chávez (Choreographer of BALLET REVOLUCIÓN):
Cuban dancers move differently than dancers anywhere else in the world. The Afro-Cuban dance style gives Cubans a looseness in the shoulders and hips. I always compare Cuban dancers to drummers: One leg follows one rhythm, and the other one follows a different one.”

Aaron Cash (Choreographer of BALLET REVOLUCIÓN):
Most dancers dance with the music, but Cubans dance in it.

Yuniet Meneses Solis (Dancer in BALLET REVOLUCIÓN):
Cubans dance every moment of their lives. Even our Spanish is different, because we dance with our tongues. We dance with our eyes when we see, and we dance with our feet when we walk. It is as if we danced all day, just because we have it in us. Music and dance – they are a part of us.”