Live band

When you perform with live music, you always immediately have 50 percent more power – it goes straight to your blood.” Roclan González Chávez (Choreographer of BALLET REVOLUCIÓN)

The sensational energy and passion of the BALLET REVOLUCIÓN dancers is transmitted to the audience like an emotional fireball. No other dance performance even comes close to propelling spectators out of their seats like this one does. All of this is made possible by the seven-strong BALLET REVOLUCIÓN Live Band with its fantastic music. Seated directly on stage, they unleash the young dancers’ boundless energy.

Accompanied by super-groovy and virtuosic masters on bass, trumpet, percussion, guitar and drums, the first-class singers give some serious soul to a selection of pop, R&B and Hip Hop hits. The band plays each title as if it were their own. With a sound that goes straight to your legs, the seven musicians prove with every note where they are from.

Even when they are playing Usher, you can hear the Cuban note.” Roclan González Chávez (Choreographer of BALLET REVOLUCIÓN)