Jorge González

Costume designer

He is the king of high heels. Nobody can walk in eight-inch heels like he does. When you hear “hola chicas”, you know immediately that it is him; the “chicas walk” is his trademark. With numerous successful TV appearances, Jorge González has made his name in Germany.

Born in Cuba in 1967, he holds a diploma in nuclear ecology. Already during his time at university in Bratislava, on visits to Prague, he gains his first experiences in the fashion industry. He is scouted by a model agency, works as a stylist and fashion photographer for renowned designers, and organises fashion show. After graduating, he moves to Hamburg and is soon booked for major campaigns, working with international designers and brands.

From 2010 to 2012 he joins the TV casting show Germany’s Next Topmodel by Heidi Klum as catwalk trainer and coach – and soon establishes himself as a firm audience favourite. In 2011 Jorge brings out his first collection, “Chicas Walk”, in collaboration with the fashion store bonprix. It is so successful that it sells out in less than three weeks, with three successful online collections to follow. At the same time, Jorge makes cameo appearances in TV soaps and in 2012 produces the song “Don’t Touch My Shoes”. He also works as a stylist and image consultant for celebrities and develops communication strategies for well-known brands. In 2013 he publishes his autobiography, “Hola Chicas – On the catwalk of my life”, engagingly telling the story of his struggle to attain the life he lives now. A year later he opens his “Chicas Walk Academy” in Hamburg, with the mission to teach women from all walks of life how to walk tall and be confident in their style and their lives. His motto: “Your walk shows how you walk through life!”

Since 2013, Jorge has delighted TV audiences with his charm, wit and Cuban effervescence as judge on the RTL talent show “Let’s Dance”. Here he devotes himself to his second great passion: dance. As a child he dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer, so it is a special pleasure from him to be able to combine his two passions for dance and fashion as costume designer for Ballet Revolución. He has been designing costumes for the show since 2012 and again for the 2017/2018 show, showcasing the Cuban dancers’ ability with flair and sensitivity.